ThePiovraProject - a WORKING network rendering script for blender
3D Viewer 14 December 2004 - We have new installation files & new docs!

We have new installation files for windows, linux AND ALSO FOR MAC here:

and at the same address you can find new documentation IN ENGLISH.

please take some time for testing, we need a lot of feedback. GNOS shared news
3D Viewer 06 December 2004 - present a new incredible 3d web viewer.

With this tool is now possible to show a real 3d visualization of any object, without installing any plug-in.
No need for flash, java or any other add-on. It works out of the box on any pc and on any browser.
It is suitable for web or CD-ROM utilization. The Leading Dedalo 3d Site on the Net has been connecting our visitors with providers of Computer Animation, Computer Graphic Design, Computer Graphic School and many other related services for nearly 10 years. Join thousands of satisfied visitors who found Design, Design Software, Digital Video, Freelance Graphic Design, and Graphic Arts.<br/>

Model Uploads

September 7, 2006 3D models for the Blender 3D Model Repository can be uploaded by registered users to the Development Site by accessing user profile. The BMR will be back as soon as we have all necessary functions working.


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